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  • Theyyam Temples, Muzhappilagad drive in beach, Dharmadam Island, Thalassery fort, etc
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  • Pinarayi, the lush green location about 8k.m away from Thalassery, is fringed with beautifully placid rivers. The ever green paddy fields, coconut and mango groves make the northern part of kerala, a land of unmatched natural beauty. There are several tourist centres in and around Pinarayi, like Muzhapplingad, the only drive-in beach in kerala, Thalassery fort. The vibrant Theyyam temples also adorn this place...
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    • Theyyam is vibrant malabari ritual that is performed in kannur districts at the end of...
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    • Click here to view various photos taken related to Theyyam, clubs, mosques, paddy fields etc
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